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“Congress has the sole power to declare the dignity and effect of titles emanating from the United States; and the whole legislation of the Federal Government, in reference to the public lands, declares the patent the superior and conclusive evidence of legal title;” assigns forever.Therefore, to secure ownership of land you must have a proper “Chain of Title” that secures your landownership to a properly assigned underlying land patent; or you could lose what you thought was your land in a land contest.Again, the sole reason we provide this service both to Team Law beneficiaries (at no cost) and to others (processing fee 0.00) is because we are supporting the people as they work to reseat the original jurisdiction Constitutional Republic government (see: Governor's Corner).To accomplish that task the people need to reseat the Electoral College with Electors; and, because landownership rights qualify people as “Electors”, we need to know who the Electors are; so, we provide the Land Patent Sandwich service to discover Electors and to, respectively, help them save the nation. Please watch for our forthcoming book on Land Patents and taking back America.Keeping two copies is best, keeping each in separate secure locations.

The following steps are the steps we would follow to perfect our Title to land: Understanding how the sandwich works: On the bottom of the sandwich, you have the highest authority of land title—the certified copy of your Land Patent (the Title itself).

The fact is, property taxes are the result of a private contract between you and the state of X.

Nothing impedes your right to enter, or be bound by, such contracts.

For further information, you may contact the Assignment Recordation Branch Customer Service Desk at 571-272-3350 from am – pm Eastern Time.

We present the following in the hope that you will educate yourself with the truth and prepare yourself to stand as Electors; as our forefathers and the founding fathers of this nation did, with your Land, Liberty and Rights intact.

Respectively, if you desire to so contract the property appurtenant to your Land, you obligate yourself to follow the terms and conditions of your contract in spite of any respective land patent.

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